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The New Agriculture Director-General of China

Qu Dongyu, China’s agricultural minister, was elected Sunday as the new director general of the U.N. Agriculture Group, the first individual from a Communist nation to carry the influential FAO post.

The company’s 194 member countries convened at the FAO headquarters in Rome to decide on a successor to Graziano da Silva of Brazil for the 4-year.

Qu, 55, a biologist by coaching, won 108 votes, followed by France’s Catherine Geslain-Laneelle with 71 votes and Georgia’s Davit Kirvalidze with 12, in response to official outcomes. The US had backed Kirvalidze.

The FAO, which has over 12,000 employees, works closely with other U.N. agencies to achieve the objective of a hunger-free world by 2030. Today, greater than 800 million people are facing hunger, and lots of experts doubt that the 2030 goal will be reached.

Before the vote, Qu said he aims to focus on hunger and poverty eradication, tropical agriculture, drought land farming, digital rural improvement, and higher land design via the transformation of agricultural production. A professional on agriculture and rural areas, he has worked within the subject for greater than 30 years.

Since being appointed a vice minister in 2015, Qu has spearheaded measures such as reforms for rural areas; utilizing data technologies to assist agriculture; instituting change mechanisms on urban agriculture and promoting brands and specialty industries.

Qu has additionally been in charge of China’s agribusiness cooperation with Asian, African, and Latin American countries and China’s major trading partners of produce.

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