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AccuWeather Analysts Predict Poor Year for Corn and Soybean

The latest crop production analysis affirms the idea that 2019 shall be a down 12 months for corn and soybean production each in terms of the amount and quality from AccuWeather 2019. AccuWeather analysts predict the 2019 corn yield can be 13.36 billion bushels correlated to 14.42 billion in 2018, whereas the soybean yield will likely be 3.658 billion bushels compared to 4.543 billion bushels in 2018.

It could be the bottom corn yield since 2012, a year of a severe drought that saw corn production numbers fall to 10.76 billion bushels. Also, it might be the smallest soybean yield since 2013 (3.357 billion bushels).

The wet weather at first of the growing season led to late planting and harsh conditions for each crop.

AccuWeather is prognosticating a 7.9% drop in soybean bushels per acre from 2018 and a 5.3% drop in corn bushels per acre.

“Corn and soybeans are still a few weeks or two behind the place they should be, which makes them weak to a frost, even when it’s on time,” mentioned AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls. “And we think it’s a little-higher-than-normal chance that we’ll get that first frost on time.

The USDA will launch its monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) on Thursday, Sept. 12. In August, the WASDE report confirmed an estimated yield of 13.90 billion bushels for corn and 3.68 billion bushels for soybeans.

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