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About Us

Our planet is going through many degrading phases; economically, politically, and also ecologically. The one thing that we should be aware of this time is the ways of preventing these anthropological disasters. Understanding these preventions is the toughest part. While living a life of rush hours, we seldom overlook the essential duties towards our environment. Ankeny Observer enables you to understand these procedures easily. While presenting the actual scenario of the world, we also give you the basic knowledge about environment preservation.


Betterment of the habitable environment is the main ideology behind launching Ankeny Observer. We feel it is necessary to understand the ways and rules off preservation of the environment, cause, in turn, it will be much beneficial for our society.

All the articles published on our website are free from plagiarism and also never supports rumors or fake news. We only publish articles when there are enough proves backing up the content.


There is a lot to understand in the field of ecology and accumulating them under one roof can create a lot of misunderstandings. This is the reason in Ankeny Observer; articles are subcategorized under four main topics, which are-

  • Agriculture
  • Biotech
  • Science
  • Ecology

We maintain a very specific structure of writing while creating these articles. All the articles are written in a creative way which will lighten up the reader’s mood as well as will make it easier for him to understand the theme of the content.

Only words in a continues way can make the process of reading very boring hence, the articles are aided with colorful pictures and graphical representations. Cause a picture can be worth a thousand words.

Process of work-

In Ankeny Observer, we have segregated teams for all four categories. These teams consist of authors, editors, and developers focusing on only one subcategory. In this way, the quality of the articles gets upgraded with passing time. All these individuals are experts in their field, and their expertise is what we have always sought for.

We have been destroying the environment for thousands of years. Hence it is not a child’s job to revive that so easily. But even smaller steps can conglomerate to something big. So let us hold hands and heal the wounded earth and make it a better place for our future generations.