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A Surreal Transparent Squid with Glowing Innards Recorded by Ocean Explorers

A team of ocean explorers took images last week of a surreal transparent squid with glowing internal organs within the Gulf of Alaska, as a part of a study supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

In the short video posted on Facebook, the camouflaged squid’s skin is entirely invisible, allowing all its luminous entrails to be seen.

The video was taken with a remotely operated vehicle at a depth of 1,729 feet alongside the Gulf of Alaska continental slope, at the northern-most portion of the North Pacific, NOAA says. The video had thousands of views last week.

Explorers were within the area to find out more about how climate change has influenced the most profound regions of the Gulf of Alaska, which has “numerous channels, deepwater canyons, and seamount chains,” NOAA says.

The cockatoo squid is also known as the glass squid, is usually transparent except for the eyes and the visceral nucleus, records Tree of Life. Some of this species of the squids can grow to more than 9 feet in length, according to Our Breathing Planet.

When excited, this squid hyperinflates the mantle with water and releases ink contained in the mantle cavity. It thereby transforms itself from an almost transparent squid into a dark one, says Tree of Life.

Scientists say the Gulf of Alaska’s ecological health has been jeopardized by latest exceptional warming in the North Pacific since 2014 and has already proven ecosystem-wide responses from phytoplankton, the small microalgae maintaining the base of the food web, to the most massive whales, says the mission report.

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